Tons of Tile

We cleared out a TON when we sold our house. Fifteen years worth of stuff, some that went from a closet in Brooklyn, NY right into a closet in Annapolis, MD. On one bulk trash day we took up about 20 feet of curbside space with pile about 3 feet high. I cringe to think of all the trash we humans make, conspicuously consuming, only to have most of our junk wind up in a landfill somewhere. When we moved, we brought items that went right into our garage to sell. Well, we were able to sell most of it and now getting down to the last bits, some via Craig’s List, some Ebay, some by way of garage sale. Those items gone have made space for items we are purchasing for the retreat, which consist of, so far to date: 3 tons of bathroom and pool tile;  sinks; toilets; faucets; ceiling fans… oh, yea, and we bought a jeep. Still on the list: lighting, appliances, dishes, cutlery, yoga mats & props… you get the picture. Whatever is less expensive to buy in the states, will be loaded into our container with the Jeep and other stuff we are bringing along. Seems crazy, but I kinda like the idea that much of these details will be taken care of by the time we move down.



  1. karen varney Says:

    I was feeling a bit sluggish this week…..got immediately energized with your post!!! This will be SO MUCH FUN watching your new venture!!!! Glad to be watching!!!

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