Purusha Mandala

In order to build a truly sacred space, there are principals in which one must follow. True sacred space involves way more than just, say, an alter on the north wall, ambient lighting and incense. Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of creating sacred space. Authentic Vastu is a highly complex science that requires thoughtful study and precise execution. It is over 10,000 years old and comes from the Pranva Veda. The Pranava Veda is also the first Veda and the “source Veda.

“In the heart of the cave of the body there is inner space and in that inner-space there is a vibrant thread of consciousness. It is this thread of consciousness that functions as the musical string of the bodily instrument. The structure of the vaastu inspired building vibrates with cosmic energy and the bodily instruments resonates with this vibration. To create and offer the house of supreme bliss, and to enable us to experience that supreme bliss here in this mundane house itself -these are the prime motives of Vaastu scienceDr. V.Ganapati Sthapati

Early on, it was brought to my attention that creating “sacred space” is something that I should be learning about. Since the beginning of this idea to build a retreat center, there had been this nagging thought: “there is a way to do this ‘right’” but I didn’t really know what that meant. So when this concept of “sacred space” was presented to me, I began to do some research and discovered Vastu. Along my journey, I stumbled upon a Vastu architect in Iowa, and after that, a Vedic astrologer gave me the name of a Vastu architect he met at a convention… turned out to be the same guy. Ok, so I’m starting to connect the dots. (Tangentially, I had also been looking for a Thai Yoga school). So I email Michael Borden (Vastu architect in Iowa), order some of his training CDs and begin a dialogue with him. He tells me, as an aside: “By the way, I’m studying Thai Yoga with this really great teacher, Dr. Anthony James, I highly recommend you check him out.” Never once did I mention to him my quest for a teacher. Long story short, I became certified in Thai Yoga by Dr. J, and Michael is now our Vastu architect.

It is our intention “to create and offer a house of supreme bliss” in Costa Rica where guests and seekers can “experience that supreme bliss”!

Stay tuned for more on the Vastu side of things…


3 Responses to “VASTU…?”

  1. Velma Says:

    I particularly like this blog; it struck a “chord” in me. I have a “sense” about this thoughtful place you are putting together. It is a good thing, perfectly timed.

  2. CR108 Says:

    Thank you, Velma. The timing does feel right……. and I feel honored to be playing my part.

  3. yogash Says:

    I love it. It completely works. You can feel intention in everything. Looking forward to meeting you and your space!

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