View from the Main House

The three major advantages of buying property in Costa Rica that has already been “developed” are: 1)water, 2)power and 3)roads, as anyone building in Costa Rica will confirm. This was NOT the case with the land we thought we were going to buy, which is land-locked and needs a road built a mile long just to get to it. It also means we would have needed to bring the electric up from the main road and have a well installed. All this would have set us back mucho $$ as well as a couple years before we could even begin building. So at the 11th hour (saved by the bell tolling at 11:11!) we were presented with another option that makes much more sense and turns out to have much better views. But, there’s the water tank… right where we will be building the Main House. The reason it’s there is because this is the highest location and gravity helps in these cases – the higher the location of the tank, the easier it is on your water pump. No doubt we will come up with a solution, but, I’m absolutely sure this is just ONE of the many, albeit minor, stumbling blocks we will encounter. But, I am prepared – I have adopted the perspective that every challenge is just another opportunity to find an even better solution! Because, my fair readers, that has already proven itself to be true several times. My mantra is “Trust the Process” (all you “breathers” out there can attest to that – thank you Sandy Phocas and Dori Langevin!).

Namaste, and thank you for your continued interest!


6 Responses to “(Minor) STUMBLING BLOCK #1”

  1. Mac Says:

    Whenever you build anything, you will be presented with multiple opportunities to learn. It’s just part of the process….

    Just keep the faith.

  2. CR108 Says:

    No doubt, Mac! I know YOU know! Thanks for your support!!

  3. sue Says:

    we can SO relate… like the revamping of the entire foundation of our house when the architect realized the dimensions of the city-provided plat map didn’t match with the engineer’s drawings! Hang in there@

  4. CR108 Says:

    !!!!!!! :-0

  5. Kate McKena Says:

    What a beautiful view! And an awesome adventure! Best of luck with everything!

  6. nino Says:

    Heck, what you are doing now is fun, fun, challenges and more fun. When the time comes of Grand Opening, and the continuity of a great adventure, you should have acquired the strength, courage, fortitude and faith, to handle any other challenges that may come your way.
    The best of luck to both of you.


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