Tons of Tile

So, Greg finds a stock pile of lovely bathroom tile at an online auction saving us literally thousands of $$! Greg is the bomb when it comes to finding the best deals. I admire this in him and I am eternally thankful because I possess absolutely NO patience for shopping, and usually opt for the most convenient scenario, albeit, more expensive. Greg’s way, on the other hand, always lends itself to some kind of “adventure” while saving the most bucks.

OK, so this lovely, 3 1/2 pallets and 6,000 lbs worth of tile is 65 miles away and of course they offer no delivery service. Enter, UHaul. And, on a beautiful, sunny morning at 6:30, coffee cups in hand, we climb up into the big rig and hit the road – with all the commuters. We manage to arrive an hour early, which is good, coz we’re told we’re the first one in line (and it appears there is only one forklift). I go off to find a bathroom and when I come back, I see 2 pallets have been loaded onto the now, very sagging and very lopsided truck. Hmmm. My husband, the eternal optimist, is trying to convince me that it is not only fine, but that we should be able fit it all in. (All I’m thinking at this moment is “big broken truck” and so much for saving $$, right?)

After rethinking the situation, Greg breaks out the work gloves and retractable blade (a resourceful bloke, my husband) and we go to work… breaking down the pallets and unloading each 25 lb box, one at a time to evenly distribute the weight. Once done with the 2 pallets, we reassess the situation and agree that a second trip will be needed. (I’m relieved for the truck, but not for my back!) Once, back at the home front we proceed to unload and stack the boxes into the garage. (I’m feeling like singing chain-gang songs at this point). After a quick lunch, it’s back for round two. Indeed, it has now become an ALL day affair. On top of it all, we suck it up and pay for another day’s worth of truck for a measly 3 extra hours… oh well, we STILL saved a ton of money.

I’m learning to appreciate “adventures” like this that my husband has created for us over the years. It’s been a LONG lesson, and sometimes I’ve learned by the way of kicking and screaming, but hey, the beauty of us fickle humans and what keeps us keeping on …  is that we tend to remember the “good” stuff! (And thank goddess because, “It’s a long, long way to Tipperary…!)



  1. sue Says:

    Ahem. When can we see a pic of this incredible tile?

  2. CR108 Says:

    well… you may have to board a plane!

  3. yogash Says:

    I just returned to your site, after about 6 months of being away…great progress! I feel like your slide show of 2006-2010 could have been my slide show. We must be neighbors! I’m in CR now, where are you living? Blessings in this new life! Have a blast!

  4. CR108 Says:

    Thanks, Yogash, Welcome back! We are still state side, but preparing for the big move in September. We are in the Nosara area. Where are you? Lets stay in touch and meet up sometime!

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