THAT is the question!

Scratched or dented??

Appliance-shopping day sure brought up some “stuff”. We scoured the dark and cavernous scratch-and-dent outlet where the selections seem infinite and possibilities endless: ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, washer/dryers. (Close my eyes and spin me round!) Too many choices, I say! But we made our way up and down every isle, narrowing down and weeding out, getting ideas. Then it was off to the new, recently opened discount appliance store, where everything is bright and shiny and new. We picked out a stackable, front loading washer/dryer combo, range, fridge and dishwasher and had the helpful staff tally it all up to “see what they can do”. While we were waiting, the discussion came up: do we want a residential range and fridge – new? Or, do we buy the big, commercial models – used. We are clearly entering uncomfortable territory for Karen. SHE tends to take the path of least resistance, opting, in most cases, for the more predictable and simpler scenario (and obviously lacking in important shopping skills). This day, she was opting for “new”. Greg, on the other hand, is much more brave (remember the tile and the truck?). He is opting for the used commercial models, asking me (and HERE’s the $64,000 question) “Is this going to be our business first or our home??” …  o u c h. Those who know me, know I’m a big home-body and my living environment is my “haven”. So, of course, my first instinct was to blurt out “This is our HOME!” … o o p s. I M P A S S? But, I took a step back and pleaded the fifth – “Let’s check with Celeste.” I say. She’s our “kitchen guru” and adviser on setting up la cocina. “Go with commercial, for sure.” she tells us. Okaaaay, I agreed, with her reasoning winning me over. So now we are now searching for a 6 burner range (with a griddle if we can get one) and a BIG fridge. If anyone out there has a lead on these two items… hear our cry….    H E L P!?

P.S. Don’t for get to check out the new video at the right: Shopping and Hoarding !!


One Response to “TO BUY NEW or USED”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Love the photo of you and Greg!
    I will read up and see whats been going on…

    I’m so happy for you guys!


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