The Lists

I’ve never really been a “list” person. Ok, it take that back, I do a grocery shopping list, because I tend to go completely blank upon entering the daunting and massive market with seemingly endless isles of product. (Ah, America – land of conspicuous consumption.) But, as far as in my work-a-day-world, I’ve usually survived pretty well on memory for the most part. Well, it’s obvious those days are over. As we move closer to our final departure date, the small, but very important things to remember are mounting. We now have lists of things to buy, lists of things to sell, lists of things to do, a list to tell us WHEN to do them. Then there’s the spreadsheet for all the things we need to build the retreat, a spreadsheet that tells us how much it will all cost, and of course, the spreadsheet that tells us what we need to make to be able to afford it all…

I am continually amused at the minutiae that arises within the process of this project as we carefully and methodically are making our way through it all – like crossing a river on stepping stones: you have this end goal/destination (which is the opposite bank of the river), but you must mindfully stay very present and attuned to each step; the placement of your footing, keeping your balance. You know where you are going and you are pointed in that direction, but staying focused in the moment is critical! THIS is MY meditation…!


5 Responses to “LISTS and SPREADSHEETS”

  1. Mac Says:

    I consider my lists as a symbol of my age……the older I get, the longer they get. Learn to live with it.

  2. CR108 Says:

    i’m actually digging the list thing! i LOVE the feeling of CHECKing each thing OFF!

  3. Michael Anthony Says:

    I’ve recently graduated from post-its to lists…

  4. RIch Walther Says:

    I am sure that “packing” is probably lited several times on your various lists. I have a bunch of those box labels we were talking about, that Sue and I used on our last move. If you want, I’ll send them to you. If you want them, let me know your current street address. Looking forwrd to hearing more about your “progress”??

  5. CR108 Says:

    thanks, Rich… why don’t you bring them when you guys come in July? we very much appreciate all the organizational help we can get!!

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