Site location for garage.


O my! Looky here… this is what just TWO months of rain has brought us. When we were there in April, you could see dirt and earth, now you can’t even see your feet!! I love how this land just explodes with life in the rainy season – a beautiful illustration of how our wonderful mother earth is just bursting to provide. We MUST take care of her and all who inhabit her. . . without her we’re nothing.

That’s Victor, our builder, in the picture. Javier our architect took the shot (great guys!). Victor will begin constructing the garage next week, a few weeks after that he will begin on the cabinas. This calls for more trips down to take care of some business: get the land cleared and fenced, consult with Victor and Javier regarding locations of the buildings, open a bank account, a PO box, etc… just looking at these pictures makes me want to be there!!


Lushness! (I've no clue what we are looking at here!)



4 Responses to “IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE!”

  1. Patch Says:

    Wow. That is incredible. This is all very exciting. However, come September I will have my own “rainy season” (tears!).

  2. Michael Anthony Says:

    ha ha! Now you can’t even see your feet! Looks real pretty guys!

  3. CR108 Says:

    … where IS that man with the machete?

  4. karen varney Says:

    Amazing that things are happening in terms of “weeks”!!!! I love this blog.

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