Reviving the pot rack.

Yesterday we had a nice moment: Greg had found this awesome, heavy-duty, stainless steel pot rack on Craig’s list, priced at $100. Conveniently enough, we only had to travel about 10 minutes to see it. The seller greeted us at the door, and with a handshake, introduced himself as Norm. Then off he went to bring the pot rack to the foyer where we waited. After some inspection and questions, Greg offered $75. Norm countered with a fair $80 and the deal was closed. Norm commented that he was happy to have found a home for the pot rack. (It really is a nice pot rack!) So, we told him it was going to Costa Rica and that aroused his curiosity. “Are you opening a restaurant?” “No,” we explained “but, we will be cooking for large groups, we are opening a retreat center there.” And, with that, Norm thrust a $20 bill back at us saying “Here, then. I’ll take 60. You guys are doing a good thing!”… At that moment, our hearts just filled with warmth and appreciation. Before we left, we told him about the blog and gave him the URL and hopefully, he will follow the journey of his pot rack and it’s final resting place in our kitchen in the mountains! Thank you, Norm…!!

And, thanks to Sue and Rich for passing us their left-over colored labels and input on organizing the move. Their very simple, yet brilliant idea of marking and color coding each box we pack, in a way that we can immediately locate and identify, will no doubt save us many hair-pulling moments on the other end, thinking …. where IS that???

And a blanket THANK YOU! to all of you out there who are supporting us with your love and enthusiasm for what we are doing. You will never know HOW much that energy keeps us going. We will always hold for you a space in our hearts and a pillow for your head at our home in Costa Rica!

Deseando amor y bendiciones! (Wishing you love and blessings!)



  1. Ted Langevin Says:

    Karen & Greg, Dori just passed me the link to your website and I caught up since you started posting. Awesome, for the both of you! Up in the Inland Northwest she and I are meeting a number of new friends who desire to head to Costa Rica following their dreams as well. We’ll share your site with our new friends so they can learn with you both as you move along the process. Remember if we’ve learned anything together during our short friendship…its about the process of being on the journey and not about the end…for there is no end to the process of being along the path. I’m jazzed to learn that you are blogging your process. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us who care for the both of you. Sending you both, lots of love and light!!!!

  2. CR108 Says:

    Thank you, Ted! Internet connection-willing, we can at least share our experience this way. Please, feel free to pass the blog site to anyone you think may be interested. (That goes for anyone else out there!) And, yes – it is ALL about the process, the never ending journey. I am reminded of this daily as we put one foot in front of the other towards our dream. We cherish our times with you and Dori and it only seems like months ago, rather than years, when we all sat in our living room on Conduit Street, talking about our plan. Now it is manifesting, and soon we will all sit again, this time in our new living room, high in the hills, breathing it ALL in…

  3. Michael Anthony Says:

    Hi Ka,
    I am glad that you posted a picture. When I first read this I thought you were talking about something to display potted plants. HA! Have fun!!!

  4. Lea Loflin Says:

    Hi Karen! Team lululemon is following your journey and wishing you all the best – we will miss you for sure but as so excited that you are achieving your goals! Thanks for letting us share with you!

  5. CR108 Says:

    Thank you, Team lululemon! Glad you are on board!

  6. Velma Says:

    Thank you for sharing the goodness of humanity that is all around us, just waiting to unfold. I sense we will be seeing more and more of this, and that eventually and hopefully possibly our mainstream press will cover such stories of the goodness and generosity of people, rather than the “bad news” that sells press. I know that people are starving for good news, and this is just an example. It touched a cord in my heart.


  7. CR108 Says:

    And thank you, Velma, for sharing that sentiment. I like to think we are going in the right direction, too.

  8. nino Says:

    The very best for you and yours, and trust me, you will do great and love all of the ‘making it happen’

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