Dos Imperial, por favore. Muchas Gracias! The beach, 10 minutes from home.

So, we’re trying to coordinate all the minutiae that comes with a relocation like this, right? Last night we lay in bed talking about this part of the process and how it feels, on so many levels, like this is the most difficult part of the move. There’s that part of me that wants to just skip these next couple of months and just BE there, already! Emotionally, we are between that place of connectedness and detachment: the feeling of being pulled in both directions is palpable: friends, family, lifestyle here – new home, new land, new adventures, there. The days are ticking by and there’s still so much to do – stuff to sell or discard, stuff to buy and pack. Choose a shipper and schedule the arrival of the container. And the cats… yes, it’s their journey, too! (no, there is no quarantine and they can fly on the plane in the cabin with us – THAT ought to be good blog fodder!) Then there’s the business aspect: we’re working on names, and PR/marketing ideas, tasks & time lines with our gurus (oh, what a blessing they are to us). And, of course, the construction – orientation of the garage is the dilemma de jour (to move earth or not to move earth), and the logistics of getting all the material up to the site with all the rains, and precarious road situations. All in a day’s work, right? Coz, this IS our job now! Anyway, it’s ALL good! I have faith and trust and find inspiration in those who have gone before us… AND the picture above!!!


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