A beauty! All she needs is a new griddle... fried rice and pancakes galore!

Great deals can yield unforeseen, albeit, minor complications… This lovely Viking cook top (and double oven not shown) is our latest score. Both units are about 15 years old and very well maintained, but are set up for natural gas. We need to convert to propane and we KNEW we could do it, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the interesting scenario when I sat myself down to call for the job to be done. Here’s a snippet of this morning’s email messages with Greg:

Subject:     Re: Rangetop
From:     kheil123
Date:     July 6, 2010 1:47:33 PM EDT
To:     Gregory.Heil

i FINALLY am making headway. i’ve been at this for THREE hours.
Appliance Distributors Unlimited (ADU) is sending the cooktop conversion kit, Hadco will be sending us the oven parts one regulator two orifices. THEN we can call WUERSTLINS and they will come with a portable tank rigged to check the conversions. it should only take a few days to schedule the call. ADU said they are one of the best service providers, so at least we know we are in good hands (on THIS end). PLEASE, lets make sure we cover our bases with this – i do not want us to blow ourselves up. you would not believe the crazy run around it has been – and i didn’t loose my cookies! i am finally going off to the bank now, and it’s a good thing, because had i left earlier i would have missed the delivery for the 3 toilets! whew, close call…ttyl!

From:     Gregory.Heil
Subject:     Re: Rangetop
Date:     July 6, 2010 1:54:02 PM EDT

Lol. For the blog …!
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Subject:     Re: Rangetop
From:     kheil123
Date:     July 6, 2010 2:13:41 PM EDT
To:     Gregory.Heil

you think THIS is funny… omg… my head was literally spinning, there was Marty at Wuerstlins, Mike at Hadco (parts), Hannis at Hadco (sales), Narissa at ADU, Tony at Viking, i called Wurestlins 3x, Hadco 4 or 5x, i STARTED at Wurerstlins, they sent me to Viking, Viking sent me to Hadco, Hadco sent me back to Wurestlins (Marty said “what? no…) and they sent me back to Hadco, Hadco sent me to ADU, ADU wanted to send me BACK to Hadco, the very nice lady there gave me another number that wanted to send me BACK to Wuerstlins… are you FOLLOWING this? Hadco sent me back to Viking (Tech), Viking sent me back to Hadco… that’s where we are (i think) and i won’t even begin to explain the dialogue… Hadco: can’t do it… yes, you can – get this part, no wait, it’s LNA (no longer available) try Viking. Viking: i don’t know what he means, we have 6 in stock. no, can’t send it to you, Hadco has to order it then send it to you…. o my … i can tell you more later. mucho loco!!
my new mantra…. ALL ROADS LEAD TO HADCO….! all for a few little parts.
off to the bank for real now!

Trivia I learned today: the difference between a cook-top and range-top; the RANGE-top has the knobs on the front, just like a regular stove/oven unit. A COOK-top has the knobs on the surface where the burners are! Just in case you ever need to know…



3 Responses to “OH, FOR THE LOVE OF COOKING…!”

  1. Michael Anthony Says:

    hmmmm…I’ve never even heard of a ‘cook top’, so I learned TWO things about cooking units!

  2. Toni Says:

    This just cracked me up. It’s so typical! LIFE! LOL!

  3. vaastu forum Says:

    hiii….. I hv nvr seen or heard this kind of cook top…….

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