What IS That Gimongus Thing??

Precious Cargo

So, there it is… the new double oven… I’m still driving around with this big-ol’-thang in the back of my car. We’re waiting for a strong friend to come over and help us get it out.  (Any takers?) It took 3 strapping men to load it, I begged Greg to please find someone stronger than ME to help him unload it. Today, Volvo and Oven were sited downtown Annapolis by a friend who emailed me asking: “I saw your car parked on Green St. this morning with some gimongus thing in the back.  What are you up to???” If we don’t unload her soon, I’m going to have to start a spin-off of “Where’s Waldo”… (Where will Oven & Volvo show up next??)

By the way, anyone looking to buy a 2001 Volvo wagon? She’s for sale and has the capacity to hold things you could never even dream of!!


3 Responses to “What IS That Gimongus Thing??”

  1. Michael Anthony Says:

    I hope you get help soon. I don’t get it though, now you have to ship it to CR? I hope you guys don’t hurt yourselves doing all of this hard core moving, building, landscaping…

  2. Toni Says:

    I LOVE the “Where’s Waldo” concept. You should tell all your friends to email you when they see Oven & Waldo somewhere! LOL

  3. CR108 Says:

    All’s well. Our friend came over and our new oven now sits happily in the garage!

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