Mowing the lawn...

Even amidst the rains, our crew is now on site and getting ready to begin construction of the garage. It’s been a really, REALLY rainy season this year with El Nino creating some serious issues – and it’s only half-way into it. However, life goes on and the sun eventually shines through. Tonight, we talked with Javier, our architect. He’s been on site with the builder and crew these past days, working out the driveway/parking access. It looks like our ideas will work without too much hassle, with only some minor back-hoe work.

The shot below is the view of the front of the garage. The area above and behind the garage will be the Main House, just beyond that row of trees. The materials will be delivered this week. The crew will build a temporary shelter for themselves and the materials. It should only take about 3 weeks to construct the garage which will hold 2 vehicles and a workshop space. We’re still pricing roofing material and are planning to have a decision made this week. Stay tuned for more pics in progress…!

Staking the garage.



  1. Kate McKena Says:

    Hey Karen….Woo Hoo! How exciting! Looking forward to sharing your journey! Hugs….Kate :o)

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