Vastu Kritya Yantra

I wrote in an earlier post about our attention to Vastu and how it plays a huge role in our building process. Since this is a pretty vast subject and encompasses many aspects, I’ll try to introduce brief nuggets of (both historical and experiential) information on the subject.

Simply put, Vastu Shastra is the art/science of designing and creating sacred space. OK, what does that mean? First off, this knowledge of Vastu was recorded in many ancient texts and has been an integral part of Indian culture for millennia. Like many ancient traditions, Vastu originated in India over 10,000 years ago and moved east 5,000 years later where Asia adapted this knowledge, calling it Feng Shui. The basic, overriding principle of Vastu is: “As Above, So Below”. We are ALL part of the laws of nature. This fundamental knowledge and understanding is based on the roles of the nine planets, five elements and nine directions. So, what does this MEAN for us? Well, EVERYTHING plays a role in our health, wealth and overall well being. Our bodies need the right diet, exercise and sleep, our minds need release from negative and unproductive thought patterns and our environment needs to flow in accordance with the energies of nature. It is helpful to have ALL these elements in place to lead a healthy and happy life. So, Vastu comes in like this: think about how sometimes you walk into a room and feel immediately good or safe, and other locations make you anxious or uncomfortable –  just like meeting someone for the first time, is there an attraction? Aversion? It’s all about the energy (the vibes)  – when two or more vibrational sources are resonating on the same frequency, beautiful music happens. When frequencies collide, things can feel pretty uncomfortable. The Vastu concept then becomes the vehicle to help build an environment that aligns the frequencies that bring health, happiness and well being.

So, our ongoing and conscious aim by creating a Vastu residence and retreat is that all who enter our dwelling – regardless of the nature of their visit, be it spiritual seeking or simple rest and relaxation –  find a deep sense of peace, comfort and well being.


3 Responses to “WHY VASTU…?”

  1. Carter Says:

    Very interesting. Thank you very much for sharing this Karen and Greg.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Wonderful explaination……….I need Vastu in my life! 🙂

  3. CR108 Says:

    We ALL do! And, I’m glad the explanation wasn’t too “thick”. There’s so much to Vastu and I’m trying not to overload everyone. I’ll be writing more about it, sharing links and other information… stay tuned!

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