Nakshatra Star

Today, I would like to give you a little history about the creation of the floor plans for the main house.

Before Michael, our Vastu architect, could begin the drawings, he required us to provide our birth information (place, date and time) so he could chart our birth stars or nakshatras. (Much of Vastu is based on Jyotish/Vedic astrology). Then, based on our birth stars and the size of the house, he partnered us with a mandala (a square grid that the floor plans are laid down upon). Michael wrote in his email:  “There were only a few mandalas that worked in the target size and compatible with both your birth stars.  The one I used is a very auspicious mandala. It is associated with the Ayadi value 107. This value has the highest degree of positive attributes available in science of Ayadi. Ayadi equations are the formulas we use to set the frequency of the structure and align it with earth, cosmic and personal energies”. Pretty cool, huh?!! So, based on these calculations we get the mula mandala – mula, in sanskrit, means root – for those of you out there familiar with the chakra system, you’ll recognize this word in “Muladhara”, the root or base chakra.

So there we are – rooted. I like this… I when I think of roots, I think of strength, stability, the basis from which things can grow. This makes me smile… We look forward to the opportunity of offering this sacred space as a place for YOU to explore your own inner strength, stability and growth. 

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”. – Harriet Tubman (and she would know!)


4 Responses to “THE HEAVENS WILL HAVE IT…”

  1. Dana Layon Says:

    Karen, i love it! How incredible is that! thank you for sharing this! have a goregous day. it will be so fun to share space with you! peace!

  2. CR108 Says:

    yes, we’re very excited! and, i look forward to sharing space with you, too!

  3. karen varney Says:

    How interesting…also think of the root being safe and protected….loving your story!!

  4. CR108 Says:

    ah, nice, Karen… i like that, too!

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