Valley view.

Ok, so maybe you’re getting the gist of Vastu by now. This subject is SO vast, it’s impossible to get it all into one post. So, here’s a little bit of information about The Lay of the Land according to Vastu…

The terrain and the shape of the lot. These things are the baseline for the healthiest of dwellings: According to Vastu, it is ideal to have a lot that is square or rectangle oriented to “true” north (not magnetic north). However, this isn’t always possible, right?  That said, there are other suitable orientations that can also work, but some tend to be more auspicious than others. Corrections can be made to the less desirable configurations, for instance, by bordering off a square or rectangle portion of the lot, using only the area within the borders.

The direction of the sloping of the earth is equally important, for example: The northeast half of the plot is called the Solar half and the southwest half is called the Lunar half. Ideally the Solar half should be lower, with the Lunar half higher. (This ensures the ideal flow of light and solar & polar energy from the east and north.) This actually is exactly how our lot is arranged. The Main House will be at the highest point of the Lunar half, looking down and out over the cabinas (guest rooms) in the Solar half, which are all arranged along a ridge facing east that looks out over a valley of teca (teak) and more mountains. So, fortunately, we have some good energies moving for us there!

Ok, so what does it mean if there is a less-than-perfect Vastu situation? Well, according to the philosophy, certain unacceptable plot orientations and/or terrain can bring poverty, ill health, bad reputation, etc – sometimes calling it out as specifically to the second, female child or livestock or harvests. Hmm. Yes, these ARE ancient principles. And though today it might all sound like a bunch of superstitious hoopla to some, it is a sacred practice to others – for us, it’s about focusing on the connection we have with nature and the universe and how we ARE a part of it all, and to align ourselves with that flow of energy rather than be swimming against it. It is our intention to live within that framework as fully as we can, and to open and offer this space up to you, so that YOU, TOO can experience the same for yourself!


2 Responses to “THE LAY OF THE LAND”

  1. Toni Says:

    I just find this all so fascinating! Looking forward to watching this unfold. 🙂

  2. CR108 Says:

    Yea, me too! ;-D

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