The ever-present spiral ...

Sitting here in the Liberia Airport, waiting for Delta 356 to Atlanta, which just pulled up to the “gate” of this open air terminal. We enter the plane via a rolling staircase from the tarmac.

Sooooo… this trip has been very productive. Javier, our architect, and I ran all around on both Thursday and Friday afternoons, jumping through the hoops a foreigner has to go through to open a Costa Rican bank account. Finally, at 4:30 on Friday I signed the papers. The phone line could not be transferred yet and we didn’t have time to do the other utilities, but we DID finally get our actual “street” address from ICE (pronounced “eesay”), the electric company: 800 Mts Antes de la plaza de Delicias de Garza (800 Meters Before Delicias Plaza in Garza) – however, there’s no postal delivery, so don’t be sending any maill!

Garage to the left, walkway to The House on right.

Looking down at the Garage from the terrace above (The House location)

Friday morning was spent at the property, scouting locations for 3 of the cabinas. Seeing the garage was very exciting, however, the true value of this trip has been to determine if continuing with the project remotely is even feasible. The answer to that? Well…a very tentative “maybe”. I have discovered, upon my visit, that our garage is really a “car port”(!),  a result of hasty planning and poor communication with the architect… So, who is to blame? Probably us both. But, this stopped us in our tracks and we realized that if this is just the garage- and something as obvious as this wasn’t clearly communicated- well, we need to just hold up and re-group. So we are now putting together a very STRICT protocol for our team to follow from here on out.

OK, so we’ve never done this before, right? I say it was a FAIRLY painless lesson considering it is easily rectified, but we are definitely changing our approach. The hardest part for me was to deliver this news to Greg, who has been squirming in his own seat to see it all first hand with his own eyes – very difficult. But, the optimist in me considers this lesson a good and valuable wake-up call – an opportunity to strengthen our game and optimize our strategy as we move forward!

Stay tuned.!!!

PS: we WILL be putting walls on the garage…




  1. Frank Immacolato Says:

    It may be no mistake at att– could the “walls” just be a series of overhead garage doors? Drop the “walls” when you want, or raise the walls for those times when what you really need is a “Picnic Shelter, or Group Instruction Pavillion.” I think it is no mistake at all, but rather a “new opportunity” to consider. -Frank

  2. CR108 Says:

    Thanks, Frank. As Bob Ross used to say “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

    The garage is getting its walls, and the design will actually be more aesthetically pleasing in the end – rather than if we had just slapped up the walls. All is well!

  3. Kathy Says:

    Okay so this is what you meant when you said “read the blog”. Carport. Garage. Tomato. Tamato. Oy vey. This is a journey indeed.

  4. kathleen Says:

    what a great journey, walls shmalls it is the journey of a lifetime. I am so glad you two are are on it. Have a lot of fun and when it gets real discourageing, sit down have a good cry and just BREATH because right around the corner comes life.

    I love you both be well!

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