First of all, thanks to all of you who commented on the last post. Greg says he will be “taking it under advisement” … Well, as Forest might say, “Quiet is, as quiet does.”

aaaahhh... GARAGE

Anyhoo, on another note, Javier sent a pictorial progress report on the “carport” today… we have WALLS! His creative solution gave us a garage with much more style than it would have had, had the walls been in the original plan. The footers of the corner posts needed to be carefully considered as to not destroy the design. The solution added in some nice detail that actually accentuates the Asian/Balinese style we are using. Plus, we added another window to the workshop, to bring in more light and air flow. Yet another “crisis averted”. No doubt there will be many more moments where we will need to “tack and jibe” as they say in the sailing world, but isn’t that exactly what Life is about? I’ve learned to appreciate the sights along the way, when the wind blows you in a direction you hadn’t planned on going. Each challenging and unnerving moment eventually gives way to an opportunity to grow and expand… (umm, yes, and I’ll be sure to come back and read this post at the next pitfall!!)

... and the ever present broom.


8 Responses to “WALLS AND MORE”

  1. nino Says:

    I must say, it is pleasing to the eye. I have questions, which are of no consequence, A visual would resolve them.
    Very Nice.

  2. Donna Curry Says:

    Pretty nice recovery even for a garage! Really good problem solving.

  3. Tara Clifford Says:

    As I await Hurricane Earl, you seemed to have weathered your storm w/ perfect grace. Eager to visit and drink in this special spot some day. Namaste. Tara

  4. CR108 Says:

    Tara, hurricanes aren’t an issue for Costa Rica. They only had their first tropical storm in 120 years a couple of years back. Earthquakes are more of a threat … (oh joy)!

  5. Michael Anthony Says:

    Lookin’ GOOD!
    I love the photo, ‘Ever Present Broom’. It as an odd & lonely feel to it.

  6. Toni Says:

    Prettiest garage I’ve ever seen!

  7. CR108 Says:

    yes, indeed.. and this is just a preview. wait until you see the other buildings!

    MIchael, i love the idea of following the broom (in photos) throughout the construction – all the different places it will show up. then give it a place on honor when things are all done! so, we need a name for “la escoba”…

  8. CR108 Says:

    omygoodness!! what a hoot looking back. i can remember the feeling of excitement … and now, looking at what has been created simply by saying “yes… lets do this”. increible!

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