Blue and Yellow

Has been divided in two.

Mine is yellow, Greg’s is blue.

Mine reads towels, sheets
and blankets,

Greg’s reads tools, tools, tools.

I’ve ordered fans and lighting,

but there’s still so much more.

I wish I could shop at the one-stop-shopping store!

But alas, it’s being done all on-line,

either Craig’s List or it’s eBay time!

I didn’t plan on posting


writing it all in rhyme…

But…it’s just that, well, I’m easily distracted and shopping just isn’t my gig, you know? So, when I have these kinds of tasks at hand that just aren’t my thing, it’s really easy to go: La de da, La de da… Hmmm, what’s this? What’s that? Hey, let’s post a blog…. THAT’s fun!

… Eh em… ok, back to the Yellow List. I’m ON it!


5 Responses to “THE LIST…”

  1. Robin Rice Says:

    Bless your shopping soul!

  2. Ted Langevin Says:

    I can so identify with that impulse to turn my attention to the more fun and creative stuff rather than stay with the task at hand…as a matter of fact, that is precisely what I’m doing by opening up your blog message instead of doing my work at the office. Glad to see that I’m not the only one with a mind that likes to jump from the menial to the more creative thoughts. Luv your sharing. Good luck with your yellow list!

  3. Michael Anthony Says:


  4. CR108 Says:

    thanks guys… oops… what am i doing here again??? …. back to work! 😉

  5. nino Says:

    May be a good idea to swap the lists, check em both, separately–might find something you missed,in each.

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