First day in the new carriers. NOT happy.

So yesterday the new, soft-sided pet carriers came. I purposely ordered these early so we could “prepare” for the big day coming soon. I made sure to call Delta to get the correct “under-the-seat” dimensions, since they (Simone & Remy) will be traveling in-cabin with us. The plan is to put them into the carriers for a little time everyday so when the big day comes, they’re not completely freaking out.

Blogging with cats "encase".

Chillin' (o brother...)

Right now we’re sitting outside, getting acclimated to the different sounds.  I figure we’ll go for rides in the car, too. I’m even considering taking them for a field trip to the airport…ok, am I totally nuts or what??! Have I gone completely, obsessively mad???! Perhaps, but, hey would YOU like to be sitting next to a howling cat for 4 hours on a plane? Doubt it, and us either. So follow along with Simone and Remy on THEIR big adventure, too. From urban house cats to jungle cats…hey, we all have our “path” in life.


7 Responses to “CATS ENCASED”

  1. Nance Says:

    Smart move to let them get used to the carriers. Taking them to the airport is a good idea as well. I don’t think that makes you “mad” it’s another example of your love of life and spirt. Rock on.

  2. Toni Says:

    I love this! Yep. You ARE crazy. Crazy like a fox! LOL!

  3. nino Says:

    Yep, I agree, but thats what happens when you care.

  4. Mary Dawson Says:


    This post really struck a cord. We will do anything for our beloved pets. They are our family. So no, you are not nuts!

  5. Michael Anthony Says:

    I wish I had been that smart when I took Baby to Long Island. Much better than drugs and much better to have them ín cabin’. 🙂

  6. Adam Says:

    I took my cat from Singapore to Chicago in cabin.
    The most difficult thing was to get accurate answers from the airlines about which flights could take in cabin without quarantine etc. etc.

    I didn’t have time to prep her before. She normally is very vocal about things. But I was shocked that for the super long flight and time transiting in Tokyo she was all but silent. Super shocked I suppose, but silent.

    I did get up and bring her to the bathroom every so often just to get her out of the bag and get some reassuring hugs. Note: not sure if this was allowed but the staff on my flight seemed to let if happen.

    All the best for smooth flying. I hope there’s no quarantine on arrival as that what has caused most of the headaches for my expat friends and their pets.

  7. CR108 Says:

    Thanks Adam…

    Cats and Parents have arrived safely and in tact in San Jose, CR, November 12!! However, Remy peed in the carrier in the van on the way to the airport! Never in all the times he has been in there has he done that. I felt SO bad for him (and I could smell it all the way to Costa Rica)! Other than that, we sailed through the whole process with not one glitch. It was a fast trip – just barely enough time to make our connecting flight.

    In the aftermath, Remy has been a little stressed since we arrived, taking to mostly staying under the bed or hiding under the pillows on the sofa – but with encouragement and treats he will play, explore and respond as his affectionate self, he just needs a little more time. Simone, on the other hand is pretty well adjusted and has been pretty relaxed.

    The the next phase of our travels… a 4 hour car ride to our new home…….. stay tuned!

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