NIGHT VISION or “Be Careful What You Look For…”

Gasp!!! Who is that slinking around the back yard?

It’s very dark up on our hill top in Costa Rica. VERY dark.

Most people use flash lights or install floodlights on the exterior of their homes. I suspect we won’t be any different. However, Greg found the night-vision goggles he had been looking for, and YES, it’s EXACTLY like that scene in Silence of the Lambs when Jody Foster is trapped in the basement with the serial killer! CREEEEEEPY. Just why we have these, I’m not entirely sure. Greg says we can spy on all the nocturnal jungle creatures. He says there are probably creatures out there that nobody has ever seen………, hmm, I’m all about being stealthy when observing wildlife, but, perhaps some things are better left in the dark! [[[[[shudder, shudder]]]]]

Creature of the Niiiiiiiiight!

Zombie walking.


4 Responses to “NIGHT VISION or “Be Careful What You Look For…””

  1. Nancy Bowe Says:

    Creepy creepy lol!!! You guys crack me up! Matt had those night vision goggles the night his leg caught on fire!! Just stay away from any open flames! xoxoxo

  2. Michael Anthony Says:

    how cool!!!
    I’ve always wished that I could have a pair of those and be near a lot of wild life, especially like the kind you will be living around. It appears that there are some kind of camera’s built in? I love it!
    Keep us posted on how the kids are adjusting to the padded carriers! Thanks 🙂
    Looking forward to you guys’ next post!

  3. CR108 Says:

    no camera in these. i just pointed our camera through the view-finder, i was surprised at how well that worked.

    cats are doing well with the carriers. today they spent 6 1/2 hours lounging in the back yard. their getting used to the carriers, but Remy isn’t as pleased with the car rides…

  4. nino Says:

    Naw, I wouldn’t put them on at nite in the vast jungle of Costa Rica, naw, no way—-

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