The rains seem to have stopped early in Costa Rica this year. Generally, the “green” season begins to taper off in early November, this year it pretty much came to a screeching halt several weeks ago. Of course, this has its unfortunate disadvantages for farmers and such, but for us, we received the gift of no-down-time on our project. To illustrate this, I’m attaching another pictorial progress report. Wayne Turcotte, owner of Casa Rainbow Canyon, and friend/ex-Conduit Street neighbor, visited our site last week and snapped these shots of our crew breaking ground on the first cabina – two guestrooms, two baths. (Thanks Norman!) Yay!

By the way, clicking on any of these photos in this blog will bring you to the original (and much larger) size, if you care to have a closer look!

This is where you visitors will be resting your heads!

The Crew.


Is that the bathroom?

View of a distant waterfall.

Our Birds of Paradise, growing abundantly wild and free!



4 Responses to “CABINA, CABINA”

  1. Robin Rice Says:

    So very cool! I’m excited to visit, but NOT excited to say goodbye for a time… you will be missed!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Unbelievable! I’m sure you guys are psyched to see this vision that at one point only existed in your heads come to fruition right in front of your eyes. Absolutely amazing!

  3. Michael Anthony Says:

    I am looking forward to turning over some rotted logs in CR! Even those cinder bricks look like there may be some exotic creatures hangin’ out! Are centipedes around there? What about lil (or big) frogs? Are there any rain forests around you? GOD! You must be so excited!
    (and very overworked)

  4. Kate McKena Says:

    Reminds me of Frances in Under the Tuscan Sun — what an adventure! :o)

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