Where's Remy? Find the cat amongst the chaos!

Wooooooosh… It feels like time has warped. Things have been moving at the speed of light – all the while as though time is standing still. I know that sounds contradictory, but life has been a bit surreal anyway, so that’s the best way I can describe it.

The new video, Packing and Loading (linked to YouTube, but can also be viewed in the sidebar to the right) was filmed back on October 22 & 24th. A 40 foot container was in our driveway for 3 days. The footage only depicts a small portion of the chaos during those days. The process of loading reminded me of that old video game Tetris – it’s all about making things “fit” within a very finite period of time –  moments of great elation and satisfaction, amidst a daunting and sometimes frustrating, puzzle-solving experience. We had so much stuff, that I awoke in the wee hours after the second day of loading, with a sinking feeling that we were over our weight quota – a classic anxiety moment – and, right in that very moment, as I lay half awake in the darkness, I heard a loud noise. I felt so sure it was the container buckling under the weight, that I got up and went outside with a flashlight to check and see! (Just a LITTLE stressed, I guess!)

But, alas, all is well and we have finally arrived in Costa Rica. Our container, however, seems to be hung up in Freeport, Grand Bahamas. Here’s a cool link where we have been tracking the progress of our stuff on the Northern Jasper our ship. We’re told it takes 4-6 weeks from door-to-door, so we will see. Apparently, her last stop before Limon, Costa Rica is Panama. Stay tuned….

With miles to go before we sleep...


8 Responses to “PACKED, LOADED & SHIPPED”

  1. Toni Says:

    I see Remy! Camouflage cat!

  2. erica Says:

    How does it feel to have BOTH feet firmly planted in your new home? I’m so glad you’ve arrived safely and I hope your container arrives soon too. xoxo

  3. Mac Says:

    Question. When the trailer arrives, where will put all the stuff?? Is the house close to being finished? Do you trust the security of the garage? Just wondering….

    Aside from that, I’m very glad to see that you have arrived in CR, and look forward to a visit, maybe next fall.

    Take care.

  4. Jody Keating Says:

    Congrats you two! Wow, I can’t believe you’re there already. Best wishes.

  5. CR108 Says:

    Toni – Remy IS our camouflage cat! Lets see how he does in the jungle!

    Erica – We are in the country, but not quite yet to our new home. Tomorrow!

    Mac – We have a big locked, garage where we are living where we will store all the stuff. They haven’t started the house yet, they’re building 3 cabinas first. They are currently working on the foundation of cabina #2 this week. Things are moving pretty quickly!

    Jody – I have moments when I can’t believe it either!!

  6. Kate McKena Says:

    Woo Hoo!! Your new adventure taking shape :o)
    Glad you arrived safely! And hopefully the container will be not far behind :o)
    Have a wonderful first Thanksgiving there!
    Hugs…Kate :o)

  7. Michael Anthony Says:

    I LOVED this update. Do you think you will post the video of Greg driving the jeep into the container? I liked that one. I found Remy but he didn’t have glowing eyes! Ha!
    Keep the blogs coming, they are greatly appreciated.

  8. Nancy Callaghan Says:

    Hola Karen and Greg,
    Congradulations on your move, I hope all your stuff makes it’s way to you soon and intact! Michael has kept me a little informed about your life changing move and I say Bravo to you and much success!
    I’m living up in Sonoma County, Petaluma is the town,but, still working in the City. I’m a country/city mouse and loving it!
    Again, Congrats!
    Nancy Callaghan

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