… Babyyyyyyy – Tin Roof Rusted…!!

Our jungle hide-away.

Well, not “really” rusted, but it does have a tin roof!

So this is our new, temporary home until our house is finished. Right now, I am looking at a gecko on our bedroom wall. It’s almost impossible to keep them out, however, they do keep their distance. (Jungle living!) Our little Love Shack is close to our building site and that makes it really easy to be on top of things. Every morning we go for a walk around our property, enjoying the sounds and smells and sights as we survey the construction progress. Turns out, after eye-balling the first cabina, we decided the bathrooms were a bit narrow. So, with a quick call to our architects, we were able to make the adjustment on the second cabina – as they were preparing to pour the foundation – widening the bathroom by a foot or so. A timely catch.

The weather has been a bit out of character. It’s cooler and rainier than it should be, but with no negative impact on the building process. The crew has had the past few days off. They come out from San Jose, work for 10-15 days then go home for 3 or 4. Everyone resumes on Monday or Tuesday. If all goes well, we should have walls on the second cabina by the time they finish this stint.

First cabina walls...

Start of the second cabina foundation in the foreground.


4 Responses to “LOVE SHACK…”

  1. Toni Says:

    This is so exciting!
    So sorry I can’t Skype with you guys. There is something with that program that messes up my computer.
    Miss you!

  2. Pat Says:

    Great to hear the progress! So exciting.

    We want to make a reservation now for Cabina #2! 🙂

    Check out for our progress pics – snow is really slowing us down…need that roof soon!! Glad you guys are cruising along – will think of you walking the property in the mornings….. much love to you and Greg.

  3. Michael Anthony Says:


  4. Robin Rice Says:

    So awesome to see it happening!!!!! YAHOO!!!

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