Home office.

Week #4 here in Delicias, already! The time continues to fly by – the days start early and finish early. Being this close to the equator, we basically get an even 12 hours of sunlight/darkness. We’re both pretty much awake with the sun at about 5:30 and up by 6 or 6:30 everyday. The mornings are so beautiful, still a bit cool from the night with the sunlight low and the bluest of skies. It’s my favorite time of day. After our morning walk, Greg heads up to the garage to work on staining and sanding la madera (the wood) for the cabina rafters. I go off and do my practice (yoga outside EVERYday, folks!), then off for shopping, banking, computing and whatever errands need doing. I think we’ve actually been to the beach once. But, that’s ok, she’s so close we see her everyday.

During our adjustment period, I got hit with a nasty, bacterial bug. I call it my “initiation”. I spent 6 days doing natural/ayurvedic remedies with the help of our new friends, Pascale and Jonathon at La Hacienda – started feeling good, then relapsed. So, long story short, after two relapses, two trips to la clinca medica, two trips to the farmacia (over miles of bumpy dirt roads!), 7 days on antibiotics (3 of those recouping at our friend’s, Agnes and Jo’s B&B, Villa Mango, while Greg flew back to Baltimore to tie up ends at work) – I am happy to report, I am BACK after lots of tender loving care from good friends, and my caring and loving husband. Once again, having navigated through another concern manifested, I can check it off the list!

Living life, one day, one moment at a time, and simply trusting all is exactly as it should be – this has become my root mantra!


3 Responses to “LIVING IN THE DAY”

  1. Karen Says:

    Ever since I saw your article in the Annapolis Capital, I have been following “Your Dream” because it is my dream too. My daughter and I took a 3 week trip to CR and I have never been the same since I came back. I truly believe CR is my calling. I love reading your postings and how you are progressing. Please keep me informed, I would love to come visit once you open!! Glad to hear you are feeling better and life is good!! Soak up some sun for me and don’t look back, the weather here is cold and dreary.
    Karen Goldberg Liston

  2. Toni Says:

    I’m so glad you are feeling better! Looking forward to more updates! 🙂

  3. HGYC Says:

    You have the best home office!! And I love the Cabina – bootiful! :o)

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