Paulo is a cow-dog! Here he is chasing the cattle down our drive!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve reported on things here. I guess we’ve just been immersed in the newness of it all. But, things are progressing nicely. We are settling into life here, honing in on details like: on Fridays, Hermes comes with his truck filled with an abundance of fruits and vegetables – I bought a head of broccoli, una sandia (1 watermellon), dos aguacate (2 avocados), un kilo marakuya (a kilo of passion fruit), un pina (1 pineapple) all for about $14. He drives right up to our house! There’s also a bread truck from the German bakery in Liberia that comes to town once a week… yum! I’m sorry to say the cheeses here are lacking, so we’re not eating much. (And, Pat – we DO miss the olive bar from Whole Foods). I’m learning about the local medicinal plants. Tea from the boiled mountain papaya tree leaf is good for settling the stomach and an overall relaxant. We actually have several of these trees on our property.

Building is coming along well. I’m attaching some shots of the cabina progress. We are also in the process of relocating the water tank now. After that, they’ll get started on the Main House.

So enough with words – you know I could go on. More later, but for now I’ll let the photos speak, enjoy and remember, just click on the photo to see it full-sized:


Cabina roofs are happening!

Muy benito mederra!

The big indoor-outdoor, screened-in showers.
The big, indoor-outdoor, screened-in showers.

Soon, the unveiling!


Juan, building our doors and windows, muy benito!!

Juan and 1 door panel - there will be 4 panels for each door and window.


2 Responses to “PROGRESS PIX & NOTES”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the post.
    I can really see all of this coming to life! It sounds like the lifestyle there is quite nice, even romantic. You two are a true inspiration. Keep the blogs comming!

  2. Kirpal Says:

    Sat Nam kajisan!
    looks gorgeous!!! all coming along! just back from guatemala, it was truly a magical experience, the guru came through in a huge way. i have never been so blessed. you all too!!

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