Our doors and windows delivery truck.

I know you all like seeing the building progress and all that, and it IS a big thing, but there is OH so much more that goes on around here in a day. Like yesterday, the Rover broke down AGAIN, in Guiones. So, Greg had to go pick me up with the jeep (it was his birthday, too, and we were planning on a dinner out). So, today we forfeited our daily Spanish lesson so we could go back to town and see if we could rectify the situation. Robby in the Guiones Mini Mart, told Greg about a mechanic in Nosara. So we took the drive and waited there a bit while we helped the locals throw objects (bits of rebar and pieces of wood) up a mango tree to shake loose one REALLY ready mango. (Yes, this is our life!) We wound up having to leave the car with Frank, but he WAS able to fix it. YAY!

A failed attempt for our back hoe. That is one stuborn tank. But, remember this picture, coz that's where you are going to see the pool!

Today, Greg drove to Liberia (2+ hour drive) with Victor to pick up the jackhammer and jackhammer operator, so we could make another attempt to demolish the water tank. Turns out, the compressor for the jackhammer is broken. So… they’re sending it tomorrow, free of charge. We have no idea how long it will take one man with a jackhammer to make this thing disappear, but the back hoe failed miserably as this is one beast of a tank.

Here's how the package from the vision center arrived... something like the Pony Express!

When I visited my dad in FLA, I left my glasses there, so when we were in San Jose, I had another pair made up at the Vision Center. Of course, they couldn’t fill the prescription before we left for home, so they sent it to their other branch in Nicoya the following week, then from Nicoya, they put it on the bus to Garza. After several check-in’s with the lady who receives the deliveries from the bus driver, it finally showed up – the sweet lady took my number and called me to let me know it arrived. I think she got tired of me knocking on her door. Of course, the prescription was totally off and I’m still out a pair of glasses. Pura Vida, right?

Ok, the Cabinas… they are shaping up beautifully. The windows and doors are being installed and I said to Greg, it’s like putting a dress on naked mannequin – they are really coming to life now! Enjoy the pictures!


Window/Door installation day one.

Windows/Doors day one.

Windows/Doors day two.

Windows/Doors day two.

And here’s one just for fun……!

Greg playing with the camera on Beach Day (every Sunday!)



  1. nancy Says:

    Enjoying your life in CR! Keep the posts coming.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Loved this! Felt right there with you guys. Miss you! Almost done my deadline and will be in touch next week.

  3. Tara Clifford Says:

    Your journey inspires! Eager to do some asanas w/ you at your retreat some day.

  4. sue Says:

    ohwowowowowoow! Love the way you’re capturing the space!

  5. Jim McCabe Says:

    Hey, that’s a great idea – every Sunday is beach day. I like that. How warm is the Pacific there? Is it warmer than 80 degrees? If so, you should add another Sunday to the week.

  6. CR108 Says:

    ha… another Sunday. i’m all about that, Jim. and yea, the water is at least 80, if not warmer.
    Sue, you won’t believe how the space is capturing US!!
    Tara, would love to have you!
    Kathy, we’re right on target.
    Nancy, I couldn’t stop if I tried!
    thank you all!!

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