Just a short progress note, but I wanted to share the latest up on our hill-top…

ok, maybe this COULD be a pool... NOT.

Ok, we are finally seeing some progress on this water tank. The pictures here are from two days worth of work. They managed to get the top off, and it will be interesting to see how they approach the walls. We have the jackhammer and operator for a week (I feel like we’re back in NYC!). We’re going on day 3 now and hopefully, it won’t take the whole week – or at best, no more.

By the way, I have to tell you, all these guys are working their butts off in the hot sun and they are always polite, greeting us with smiles. One of the really big things that have impressed me, as we weave ourselves into the fabric of this country, is that the people are wonderful, kind, gentle people who really have a “can-do” attitude. At least that has been OUR experience.

In the meantime, the “living room” of the main house has walls! This room will be partially open to the court yard with windows exposing a view of the water, mountains and sunset. When we stand at the back end of the property, where the future yoga shala will reside, you can look down on the cabinas along the ridge, then up the ridge to the hill-top where you can see the living room walls through the trees – it kinda has a Stone Henge feel. But, you can really see it coming together. The land really is beginning to vibrate Vastu already! It is magical…

The "chill-out" room... you can feel the vastu vibes already!

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One Response to “THAT WATER TANK… and more”

  1. Michael Says:

    I keep meaning to ask you to define ‘VASTU’. Thanks! 🙂

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