Up on Christ's hill with San Jan del Sur behind us.

A couple of weeks ago it was time for us to renew our visa. Basically, this means leaving the country to get our passport stamped, so we can stay another 3 months. A common way to do this is to cross over the Nicaraguan or Panamanian border for a few days. Of course, we talked with several people who have done it in various ways; driving (not an option, since you must have owned your Costa Rican registered vehicle for 6 months), by bus and by parking at the border and walking across. We opted for the latter, with the help of a Nica who told us where to park and walked us through the process to the “other side”, where his friend (they ALL have friends)  had a taxi and would bring us into San Juan del Sur, a beach town about 30 minutes away. I chose not to take out the camera at the border for several obvious reasons, but I’ve included some shots along the way and of San Juan del Sur. Somehow, Nicaragua feels very different than Costa Rica – first off, the roads are better! (Why, I don’t know.) The people are friendly and San Juan del Sur is sweet, but very touristy and filled mostly with young, partying travelers.

I think the trip would have been better had it not been clouded with the bad news of Remy’s (our male cat’s) liver cancer. We dropped both cats off at the vet on our way out of town, to get check-ups since they both have lost weight and Remy hadn’t been well with vomiting and diarrhea. All of you who have been following this blog, know the challenge it took to get them here. We are very sad, but still grateful he is here with us. The visit to the vet was an incredibly stressful one, but he is feeling better with the help of some medication and homeopathic remedies. We will keep him comfortable and soak up his love for as long as we can. As my friend, Donna, said “It was very nice of him to make the trip with us.”

Just because we are “living our dream” doesn’t mean we get off scott-free. These are the things of life and happen no matter where you call home. We are blessed in so many ways and it is our honor to shepherd Remy through this transition.

Please, enjoy the slide show below. You can rewind, stop or advance at your convenience.

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3 Responses to “BORDER CROSSING : aka : the INFAMOUS VISA RUN”

  1. Jody Keating Says:

    Hi guys – So so sorry to hear about Remy. But glad he’s there with you … no better place. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Kate Says:

    Beautiful spot! Reminds me of Catalina Island off the CA coast.

    So sorry to hear about Remy – so glad he made the trip with you. My cat Teddy passed away right before I moved to CA and it still feels like he’s back there – I wish he had been able to come out and be here with me even just for a short time.

  3. CR108 Says:

    Thank you, Jody. And, thank you, Kate – I remember Teddy and I know that was hard for you. We appreciate your loving support.

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