TA DA… We have chosen a name!… However…. I would like to ask a little favor: those of you who are not already “likers” of our Facebook page: Sanctuary For The Soul, we are asking that you go there and click the “LIKE” button at the top of the page. Upon reaching 1,000 likes, we will launch the official name! We’re very excited, and we will be launching the official website this summer. YAY!  All this social media stuff has really allowed us to begin building our community… a GLOBAL community! We have already met so many wonderful people through this amazing World Wide Web. People keep telling us we are an inspiration, but what we have been feeling is a tremendous amount of support from family, friends and people we don’t even know – and that support sustaines us.

So, please, pardon my shameless begging – if you have a moment, click on the Facebook [ F ] icon in the sidebar to the right – or on this link: Sanctuary for the Soul and when you get there you can “LIKE” us!! Feel free to pass it on… the sooner we hit 1,000, the sooner we can ann0unce our name!!

Many thanks!


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