View of The House from the road...

It’s Holy Week here in Costa Rica. After today everything basically closes down until Monday. However, here in the Nosara area, it’s filled with guests and there is a festive, holiday feeling in the air as our crew begins to wind down for their (extra) long weekend. They do work hard and have been making good progress despite the faux pas on the part of the ferreteria (hardware store). We’re still waiting for them to correct the order so the crew can finish the kitchen floor. The roof is going on the 1st cabina, which means that next week, when they return, they can begin installing the bathroom and electrical fixtures, and grouting the ceramic. After that, its just touch-ups on the doors and windows and the final coats of Marbelino on the walls.

The House is shaping up and the back-hoe finally was able do it’s job with the hole for the pool and re-placing all the dis-placed earth from the construction. We also sent him out to the “back 40” to smooth out an area for our garden. There are a LOT of rocks at the surface, so we need to dig a little deeper to see what we have and if it will be a viable spot… keep your fingers crossed!

Measuring for the pool depth.

A peek from the dining area.

New gravel on our driveway...yay!

Filling in the dining area with some left-over earth.

Roof in progress.

Ahhh... just in time for the rainy season!

Tarzan man.


3 Responses to “SEMANA SANTA”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Wow wow wow! It’s going to be so amazing for you to sit in the completed dining room looking out that window & look back at the photos when it was just dirt & cinder block.

  2. Michael Says:

    My fingers are crossed! 🙂
    I hope you are able to enjoy the (long) weekend!

  3. CR108 Says:

    yes, Kimberly… wow wow wow, indeed. i think i’m going to do a coffee-table book of the blog when we are (dare i say) finished! kicking back and looking back… or maybe not, maybe let others do the looking back, i’m content to just BE here! 😉

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