1) Vivero = Nursery = begin the landscape process = a big knot on Karen’s head as the limb from the tree that Greg is trimming drops on her head.

2) Puertos y Ventanas (door & windows) = resolve “unfinished” issues = “What? No screens?!”

3) Stairs to the 2nd floor practice area = “What is THAT column doing THERE??!!” = “NO NO NO no no no no…………..” = TBD

4) Official end of The Season = Pasquale & Jonathon and Daniel & Katherine (and their two beautiful daughters, Oceane & Blue) our only neighbors and nearby friends, LEAVE all at the same time = 😦

5)…. and it POURED DOWN RAIN, this evening which brought a beautiful coolness, and so we are “cooking in comfort” tonight, here in our little “love shack”…

Believe it or not, it actually IS all good (todo bien)!



2 Responses to “TEENY, TINY UPDATE”

  1. Toni Says:

    Ooooommmmmmmmy goodnesss! 🙂

  2. Nino Says:

    Why was the pole there? Why were you standing under the branch that Greg was sawing off? I hope it was a real small branch.
    Glad the to hear that “tudo bien”

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