The main house is chugging along. The crew comes back tonight from their long weekend. They will pour the concrete for the floors and then start on the roof. This is a good thing since the rains have begun. Seems as though we are still on schedule, even with the (last minute) addition of the training space on the second floor. Due to budget and time constraints we are putting a nice size platform over the communal room (accommodating up to about 16 people) which commands stellar views of the ocean, mountains and pool. Next year we will commence with the construction of the originally planned 1,200 square ft training space. So, in the future we will have the option of two spaces for practice. I guess that’s just how it was meant to be. We didn’t plan it, but it actually adds another dimension to the main house we hadn’t considered!With each road-block, there seems to be a solution that winds up better than the original plan!

(For full size view, click on photo.)

Wahe Guru!!! A cup-o-tea and much progress at the building site.

View from north-east corner. Dining room on left, open patio/lvining room, upper training space on right.

View from north-east corner, kitchen/dining room on the left, open patio/upper training space on right.

View from kitchen across courtyard to open patio/living room.

View from dining room into kitchen.

View from the entrance.

I'm... BAT Dog!



  1. Toni Says:

    I just love seeing the progress as it goes! And bat-dog!!LOL!!

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