Big event happening tomorrow on Facebook, everyone!! We are posting the our name for the first time, finally revealing our “identity”, or rather the identity of this creation that has been weaving it’s own way into the fabric of existence. Things are shifting now, and we’re moving from a place of ideas and conception to a place of tangible new life. This birthing process is still underway, but we are “crowning” as the say in the delivery room.

We hope you will pull up a chair and log on tomorrow, Thursday, June 30, at 4:00p (Central Standard Time) to be there with us for this important moment. However – if  that is not possible for you, no worries – future blog posts have it covered!

You can find the event link at our Sanctuary for the Soul page, or go directly to the event page:


One Response to “SAVE THE DATE…”

  1. Barbara DeF Says:

    Looking good!! Your location is beautiful and things are really moving along. I’m glad you do give yourselves a day at the beach once in awhile. Good luck on the next phase of Ahki.
    Be well, Barbara

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