ahki IS BORN

A big day today for us… we finally have announced our “official” name.

We’ve gone from a couple of crazy kids (ok, kids at heart) who sold all and came to Costa Rica to build a new life and retreat space  – to – a real business with it’s own identity. Yes, we still have plenty of “finishing” work to do and have “miles to go before we sleep”. But, ahki is HERE, readying herself to receive your special retreats and workshops.

We hope you will watch our “presentation” video. There you will find more insight and info on ahki – the name at YouTube OR simply click the latest video icon “THE NAMING”  in the sidebar on the main page.

Thanks everyone, for your support!


3 Responses to “ahki IS BORN”

  1. johnlundin Says:

    …fantastic, you two! I’m looking forward to leading meditation retreats at beautiful Ahki one day in the not too distant future…
    John Lundin

  2. CR108 Says:

    Thank you, John. We would be honored with your presence. Go forth with the Elders and bring us back a dose of that ancient wisdom! Keep us posted on your journey!

  3. Pamela Says:

    Very inspiring to see a dream come to a beautiful physical realization… many blessings and prosper! -Pamela

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