And The Rains Came…

Top floor action resumes on secundo cabina.

… and continue coming. October in Costa Rica – the rainiest of all months. And, lucky us La Niña has chosen to visit us this year rather than her more fierce, male counterpart, El Niño, who was here in 2010. The rains are down 38% from last year and let me tell you, we’re getting a lot of rain. It’s been raining non-stop now for over 4 hours with no sign of letting up. Pura Vida! right?

That being said, you can probably imagine that things have slowed here a bit – still progressing, but more slowly. The second floor of the second cabina is up with roof and exterior siding halfway done. The view from that deck is spectacular. I imagine enjoying an evening or two of stargazing from that spot. We can’t wait to try sleeping in all the rooms! The windows are in, but the silicone didn’t stick because – you guessed it – the wood was wet, so they’re redoing a few. The floor guys did a terrible job on our bedroom floor, so they’re redoing that and paying much more careful attention to how the complete the rest of the house. We’re “told” they’ll be finished with the bedroom/dining room/kitchen portion of the house by the 27th (weather pending, of course). Then we can install the doors, hook up the plumbing, gas, appliances, sinks and toilets. We’re so close to moving in we can taste it, but we still need to complete a few other details like closets. The lighting is just about complete.

The pool is a big project and can really be delayed by the rain, however, there IS progress there. Carlos, our landscaper, has journeyed North for another job and will be gone for several weeks. He has left behind the orders for the crew, but here, again, the rains thwart their efforts. In this case, however, the rain is good as many of the plants planted are babies and need a lot of rain to get rooted. The irrigation system instillation is underway, too, as to not loose all the precious work done thus far in the dry season!

AHKi is beginning to generate some interest and has booked a few retreats. We hope, if you already haven’t, check out our website. And if you hear of anyone looking for a place to take their workshop or group – we hope you will pass the word about AHKí!!

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2 Responses to “And The Rains Came…”

  1. Nino Says:

    Talk about ups and downs, but it is evident from the pics that you must have several good from views.
    I like that happy smirk of Greg, as you kissed him. Neat pic.

  2. Nino Says:

    Correction: That is several good views,

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