Blowin' in the wind...

Wow, I can’t believe our last post was October 25! Yes, the rains came and went and now the north winds are blowing. Costa Rica weather has many, many faces. I think of B.K.S. Iyengar and his power-house breath-work when I hear the wind swirling outside. Sometimes a big gust will come along and then there is a moment of calm, like a long exhale and then the momentary pause before the next in-breath. There is such immense energy and power in the wind and it reminds me of my own breath and the life force it brings. I’m feeling these winds are bringing the energy of movement, a sense of “pushing through” things now. Our AHKí is in the birth canal and we are laboring to bring her into the world. (Two months, and counting!). B R E A T H E…

Speaking of birthing (again), yesterday on the way home, we passed a cow who had JUST given birth to her calf. The BRAND new baby, layed curled up right along the side of the road. Of course we had to stop (one kicks themselves at these moments for not ALWAYS carrying a camera) to have a look at this brand new life. Absolute perfection, wide eyed, not totally in it’s new world yet – with mom, anxious about our peering eyes, still not sure what to do with this new creature that she knows is somehow her own. With respect, we didn’t linger as to give her the space she needed to figure it all out. It was one of those rare and lovely moments that gives you that true “warm and fuzzy” feeling right to the core of your heart.

Enjoy the progress pics!

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5 Responses to “RACE TO THE FINISH”

  1. Donna Says:

    How very beautiful. It sure has your mark of excellence everywhere.

  2. Gary Gootnick Says:

    Absolutely Breathtaking ! Many Blessings, Karen & Greg !
    ..Gootz : ))))))))))))

  3. cousin Thom Says:

    I feel relaxed just looking at the pictures. Send me your email address when you get a minute.

  4. Tara Clifford Says:

    Stunning serenity – kudos to you, Karen & Greg from me your former Severna Park area. Namaste! Tara

  5. Yvonne Says:

    Hi, this is Yvonne, former colleague of Greg from Baltimore. Just wanted to congratulate the both of you on the great progress that has been made so far. Everything looks beautiful & serene. Can’t wait to see pictures when all is done.

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