Under the Costa Rican moon.

Woosh… Time warp. We’ve been living in the new space since Thanksgiving day, 2011. Settling in more and more. We’ve enjoyed cooking for friends, sharing the pool, decorating… all the things you do at “home” and even with all the crazy, frenetic, non-stop activity – sawing, banging, concrete mixers, sanders – power tool city –  we manage to find the moments to embrace the present. The nice thing we can always count on is 5:00pm. No matter what – everything stops and the crew retreats to their “bodega” and the space is ours and quiet again. Swimming in our new pool, under the Costa Rican moon and stars is (one of) my favorite times of day. Here is where everything melts away, dissolving into the water that has been sun-warmed all day. Surrounded by the silhouette of the mountains, canopied by the starry sky, under the umbrella of the trees, I float in the weightlessness gazing up at the celestial ceiling, feeling cradled in the arms of the Great Mother, under the watchful eye of Father Sky. THIS is home… and we can’t wait to share it all with YOU!!

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7 Responses to “HOME…”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Love love love. All summed up in one word … BLISS.

    Can’t wait to see you guys & your beautiful sanctuary!


  2. danielle Says:


  3. Tara Clifford Says:

    Aaah, Karen – dreamy and inviting, especially after the blizzard of ’10 when you alone got to Ginger Cove in your 4 wheeler to generate healing energy for a serene passage.

  4. CR108 Says:

    Kimberly, we look forward to your visit!

    Danielle, thanks!

    Tara, It was an honor to be there with you and your mom at such a sacred time. And, her memorial was one I will never forget… words just cannot say…

  5. Carter Says:

    Wow! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Many blessings.


  6. Dee Says:

    Good morning from Coco Beach. I too live here & do energy work from my little condo. It was wonderful to find your sight & i will follow your progress & possibly one day meet you .. Thank you.

  7. Teresa Duncan Says:

    Karen you literally made me tear up! Man your good… or I really need a vacation! Love to you, T

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