East bale.

Greetings, dear readers! Well, it’s true, I’ve let the blog lag. Not for the loss of love of sharing our story, but simply for a redirection of energy. We have been in the finalizing stages (of this phase) of things these last months. As always, everything takes more time than you think it will.

Our crews have all moved on. Our construction is finished (for now!). With the exception of one contractor working on our personal closets, (Yay! Can you say organization?) we are down to our regular staff of housekeeping and gardeners.

The rains are upon us, but we are in our “pequeno verano” (little summer) where we have a few weeks reprieve. It’s a lovely time to be here. The gardens and landscape are lush and green, the sky is blue and filled with billowy clouds. The air is fresh and sweetly fragrant. Mother Earth is sharing her abundance of beauty, tickling our senses.

Our energies these days are going into the detail work now. Decorating, potting plants, etc. The rain has taken care of our efforts at gardening and by the end of this season, things will look like we’ve been here for years. Yes, it’s THAT fertile here. Greg, in his “Operations Manager” role, is whipping the place into shape, finalizing the foot-paths and removing all the left-over construction debris (happy about THAT!). We have retreats booked for next season and have been connecting with some wonderful people! (Happy about that, too!)

All in all, we’ve come a LONG way since our first blog post on May 8, 2010! It’s been (and continues to be) quite a ride! One day, I will go back and read all these posts from the beginning – but, for now I think I’ll wait a while – I’m enjoying this present time.  And that being said, I am off now to pick up our fresh milk in town… fresh raw, milk yogurt!!! YUM!

Enjoy the slide show!

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3 Responses to “ALMOST…”

  1. Karen Liston Says:

    You two are truly amazing!! Ahki is definitely on my list of places to visit. You have come a long way, congratulations to you both.

  2. Barbara DeF Says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful job you both have done. I’m glad the retreat reservations are rolling in, when they return home I’m sure they will be recommending others to book for sure. Enjoy some well deserved down time, while you can!

  3. Nino Says:

    I am surprised. That is a beautiful place, qluite relaxing. It was a good visit.. Glad all is coming together. You and Greg deserve many Kudos’.
    Lovya Both

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